Silent Retreat   
August 12 - 14, 2020

The Mauna Seminar with Sri Swamiji grants the special experience of being silent together with many people. A unique energy field develops whose silence has a great power.
During the 3-day Mauna Seminar Sri Swamiji himself will be present. Sri Swamiji's presence and blessings facilitate the process of inner reflection and silence - which also means the quieting of thoughts.
Seminar participants are advised to remain silent throughout the day, including during lunch.
During the seminar times, one can meditate, chant a mantra, move and go for a walk - all in silence.
During the three Mauna days Sri Swamiji guides everyone to immerse themselves into silence. He says: “Silence does not only mean to be silent and not to speak. It really means to silence the senses, thoughts and doubts”. 


Concert "Music for Meditation"     

August 15, 2020   7.30 pm


Sri Swamiji is, besides his activities as a Yoga, Mauna and Meditation teacher, also a great musician with worldwide renown. With the universal language of music he reaches the hearts of the listeners directly.
Sri Swamiji will give a concert "Music for Meditation" on Saturday, August 15, 2020, 7.30 pm in the Jupiter Hall of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Neuss near Düsseldorf, Germany. His compositions are based on a comprehensive music therapy knowledge. Sri Swamiji will be accompanied by Indian musicians who are famous in India and play classical Indian instruments.
For years his concerts have fascinated thousands of people worldwide with their extraordinary sound experience. People listened to Sri Swamiji's music in the Opera House in Sydney, the Lincoln Center in New York, the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Tonhalle Zürich. In 2018 he played in the concert hall of University of the Arts, Berlin. In India Sri Swamiji fills huge stadiums with his music. Now we can look forward to such a special concert experience in Düsseldorf.


Sunday Program      

August 16, 2020   10.00 am

On Sunday there will be the possibility to experience Sri Swamiji at a Darshan with Homa and Puja. Sri Swamiji grew up in the Hindu tradition and every Sunday he performs a Ganapati Homa, a ritual fire ceremony, and a Puja, a worship ritual in which holy water, flowers, fruits, and fire are offered. A speech by Sri Swamiji and other cultural events are planned. Sunday closes at noon with a vegan meal, the so-called Prasadam. The entrance is free.



The Silent Retreat and the Concert "Music for Meditation" will be held in the

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Neuss near Düsseldorf.


Rheinallee 1, 41460 Neuss 
Telefon: +49 2131 7700